Our Story

With over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, in 1975 Isaac Massry founded Cheryl Importing Company. We are a NYC based Juniors and Kids apparel manufacturer. Our line ranges from leggings, dresses, to swimwear and much more.
Today, and always, all of our clothing is made by hand in our USA Factory. We strongly believe in employing local people, supporting our local communities and economy, and keeping all of our production in the USA. Our products are currently offered in many large chain stores, and boutiques around the Globe.
Using only eco friendly and high quality materials, we source all of our materials and fabrics locally whenever possible, because we strongly believe in providing the best quality and keeping all of our production in the USA. We feel it is just as important to know that the people who made the clothes put their hearts into making you a quality and fashion forward garment.
From our hands to your doorstep, we are revolutionizing the way clothing is made in the USA. We appreciate each and every customer who has noticed this, and values it too.